Welcome to the internet presentation of the company K-INEL NS

Company's main activities are:

  • Design and construction of systems in electric power and telecommunications.
  • Design and construction of management system of industrial facilities (poultry farms, cold storage, greenhouses, etc.).

The company is an authorized technician service and supervisor, the German company "Big Dutchman", manufacturer and supplier of equipment for all types of poultry farms.

The company employs 10 permanent workers, if necessary, engages associates.

Since 2003, the company has commissioned more poultry farms in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Romania, France, Ireland, the United States and China.

History of the company


K-INEL is a private company which was formed in 1989, in Sarajevo. It was founded by former employees of ENERGOINVEST, who have work experience gained on ENERGOINVEST building sites worldwide. In the first years, the company has recorded rapid growth and was able to cover the market of the ex Yugoslavia. In cooperation with ENERGOINVEST, works were a provided in Russia, Asia and Africa.

The war interrupted the activities of the company and the company has slowed its business activities.