1. Energy cabinets
  2. Automation cabinets of production processes
  3. Elements for automation of production processes

A) DB2-2_USB


This module is designed to control temperature and humidity. It is controlled by two outputs (relay).

The device is the intended for installation in a variety of objects. (greenhouses, production facilities, housing, etc ...)

The paper describes the application for the greenhouse.
The device is equipped with GPRS modem through which is realized communication via mobile phone by SMS messages. Works in automatic mode, and can be controlled via SMS. Parameterization is performed via USB or mobile phone. It is possible to enter up to four telephone number, and, if necessary, automatically sending SMS messages can be selected for any phone or for all four.

Mechanical characteristics
-plastic box for mounting on DIN rail 90x106x60mm (height, width, depth) -on the upper side are the connectors for sensor temperature and humidity and the two inputs (on-off). -on the bottom side there is the connector for the battery pack, connector for 230V, two connectors for the outputs (relay 230V / 10A, work and break contact) and USB port. -with the right side is placed batteries lasting 24 hours.

Technical characteristics
The control temperature (example) 30-12 ° C
The warning temperature (example) 32-10 ° C
Control humidity (example) 60-40%
Signal humidity (example) 80-20%
The disappearance of the network 230 V.
Automatically send SMS about state , programmed time 0-65.536 seconds
Rele1 (Output 1) is activated in 12 ° C and off in 30 ° C
Rele2 (Output 2) is activated in 10 ° C and off in 32 ° C or to switch in second input.
* When you receive a text message that the temperature exceeded 12C, it is necessary to turn off relay after the temperature falls below 10 ° C. Relay 2 again has a warning function.
** This relay 2 (Exit 2) is recommended for use in connection sirens.

* start * • sending SMS
*histeresa working temp.

An example of a greenhouse with a control temperature 30-12 ° C and warning messages 32-10 ° C

1. When the temperature falls below 12 ° C, sends SMS and includes Relay 1.
2. When the temperature falls below 10 ° C, sends SMS and include Relay 2 (can be turned off with a switch Input 2)
3. When the temperature exceeds 12 ° C, sends the SMS (Relay 2 can be permanently switched off with a switch Input 2)
4. When the temperature exceeds 30 ° C, sends a SMS and off Relay 1
5. When the temperature exceeds 32 ° C, sends the SMS.
6. When the temperature falls below 30 ° C, sends the SMS.
Humidity is now only displayed on request.
On request , you can obtain following information:
Date, time, temperature, humidity, state of the inputs and outputs, the state of power supply, battery status.
SATEL test[0d]
25.12.2014.god. 14:39:51[0d]
AUTO, IZLAZ1=1[0d]
AUTO, IZLAZ2=1[0d]
TEM=24.9(C) 30.0-12.0(C)[0d]
HUM=30.9(%) 60.0-40.0(%)[0d]
Uacc=6.5(V), imax 11, tmax 3[0d]
Napajanje IMA[0d]
Temperature and humidity are updated every 60 sec., but can be set differently.

Basic commands
IZLAZ1->1 uključenje relea1
IZLAZ1->0 isključenje relea1
IZLAZ1->A postavljanje Rele1 na automatski rad
IZLAZ2->1 uključenje relea2
IZLAZ2->0 isključenje relea2
IZLAZ2->A postavljanje Rele2 na automatski rad
TELNUM? čitanje telefonskih brojeva
SATEL test[0d]
25.12.2014.god. 15:11:19[0d]
3:[0d] 4:[0d] AUTR? čitanje tel. brojeva na koje se šalju automatske poruke sistema
SATEL test[0d] 25.12.2014.god. 15:15:36[0d]
1:+381641107968, 1[0d] 1 znači da se na ovaj broj šalju poruke
2:+381641107968, 0[0d] 0 znači da se na ovaj broj ne šalju poruke
3:, 0[0d]
4:, 0[0d]
5:USB, 1[0d]
DATVRE ova komanda se pošalje sa telefona u startu instalacije,kako bi se upisali datum i vreme.
PROG isčitavanja podataka iz fleša u ram (programiranje)
SAVE upis podataka iz rama u fleš (zapamti)

B) JO-KalAut


This device is intended for inclusion-exclusion of the public lighting - street lighting, gas stations, factory grounds, school grounds and other places where it is necessary to programmed automatic switching on and off lights or other devices.

It can be parameterized for several functions
- turning on the lights prescribed by the calendar and time, turning off of the light prescribed by the calendar and time.
-fiksno paljenje (po dolasku napajanja 230v).
- turn on (power 230V).
- turn off light at a fixed exclusion.
- turn on light at a fixed inclusion.
- forced turn off light.
- forced turn on light..

Technical characteristics
-plastic box for mounting on DIN rail 90x35x60mm (height, width, depth), two automatic fuses.
-with the upper side of the two terminals for 230V, three terminals to perform relay (work and break contact).
-with the bottom side: two terminals for digital input (ON-OFF, if the relay is turned ON), USB connector, LED.
-rechargeable 3V battery, life expectancy greater than 10 years, keeps data for 12 months while the device is not powered 230V.
- battery charger.
- contactor relay 230VAC / 8A.
- turn on and turn off light by date and time
- clock is synchronized to the network 230v.
* sensor temperature and humidity (optional)

Parameterization is done via the PC, program for parameterization is installed JO_KalAut; communicate with the device via USB (can be written uppercase and lowercase letters).
Parameterization can be performed without the presence of voltage 230v (has power over USB).

Reading parameters
If the window is black, it means that the relay is not included, if window is green relay is switched
-ako je prozor pocrneo, znači rele nije uključen,ako je pozeleneo rele je uključen
-date and time will be updated
- forced turn on will be updated
- forced turn off will be updated
-time fixed for turn on will be updated
-time fixed for turn off will be updated
-system time and date are independent reading (date and time on the PC).

Writing parameters
For each parameter, there are a commands "Read" and "Write".
Function is active when the box is marked
When you change a parameter, the command "Write" must be activated and read the entered value.