• Design and construction of hybrid power systems (solar and wind energy)
    for individual houses (weekend houses and farms ...).
  • Design and construction of systems in electric power and telecommunications.
  • Design and construction of industrial plants.
  • Design and construction of computer networks and management systems in the industry.



Authorized service of the German company "Big Dutchman", manufacturer and supplier of equipment for all types of poultry farms.

Addition to the activities servicing K-INEL perform design, construction, construction supervision - supervision and commissioning of poultry farms.

Production and services

  • Manufacture electric power equipment.
  • Installation and maintenance of video surveillance.
  • Burglar and fire alarm systems.
  • Grounding systems and lightning protection installation.

Turnkey system engineer jobs (construction of power facilities, repair of electric power and industrial plants, construction of electric, gas and mechanical installations in residential, commercial and industrial buildings).